Hello Autumn! P.S. I Love You

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I will always have a memorable love affair with this season. The change of color, the crisp and clean aroma that comes with the gentle breeze. The smell of spices and burnt leaves. Jazz, jazz, and more jazz. Even the sun casts a different light during this time. It’s as if the earth decided to woo us visually.

Dress: West London Boutique | Shoes: Sarah Flint

If I were in Romania, I would be walking through the parks, just to enjoy the rustic hues. Perhaps, stop by a coffee shop with my journal and sit by the window only to people watch. My city’s autumnal festivals would have given the citizens entertainment with good food and music. However, with this pandemic, such activities most likely have been canceled.

I have this romanticized image of how I want to enjoy this fall. As this is my first American Autumn in almost a decade, I want to find joy at the moment.

Savor the Pumpkin Spice addiction in all forms that I had a deprivation of in Europe. Find time to visit the various downtowns, orchards, and pumpkin patches with friends and family. Do my errands in a fabulous piece while being asked in regards to my attire, “what’s the occasion?” The response is simple, “It’s a Tuesday!”

What are you excited for this fall?

Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

Lauren Destefano

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