1 Pair of Shoes Styled 4 Ways

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Photos Credit: Hold the Moments

Can I take a moment to express my love for Sarah Flint Shoes? Besides the fact that these shoes are simply works of art, the company’s primary goal is for women to walk in comfort without sacrificing femininity. They have high standards for quality in production as well as material. Indeed, artisan shoes.

“Walk like a woman.”

Sarah Flint

It’s how much?

I will be honest, the price is not easy on the eyes, or wallet. Many will say that they wouldn’t pay so much for something that is constantly on the ground. To a degree, I could also agree with that statement.

Being someone who is used to walking around the city in heels, I’ve had many experiences in which brand new Steve Madden pumps didn’t even last a weekend. I was in a city break in Timisoara, and left a heel behind in their city center.

The truth is, cheap shoes don’t hold up.

Is it worth it?

The shoe is well thought out. Besides the design, (because Sarah Flint is an artist!) The construction is though for comfort in mind. A steel rod for the heel and arch support helps us to #walklikeawoman with minimal discomfort.

But it is still too expensive.

If you are planning to wear a pair of shoes for one outfit, then yes it is very expensive. But when you get creative, and create various outfits, the cost per wear goes down. To help a little with the cost, I have a discount code! New SF customers receive $50 off their first pair of shoes when using my promo code: SARAHFLINT-ELIZABETHPE

I wanted to show how a pair of shoes could be so versatile. For this reason, I took my Marigay Sling 85 in Garden Floral Jacquard, a print that isn’t the easiest to pair with, and created 4 different outfits.

Mix Patterns

Dress: JCrew | Shoes: Sarah Flint | Earrings: Elle Florence Nouvelle Pearl | Purse: Chanel (borrowed from my sister)

The beauty of the set is the far contrast of the patterns. Sometimes, when setting an intentional juxtaposition, it gives more interest to the eye. The colors of pinks, greens, and red (even though it is not the exact shade) allow the look to be harmonious. You do not focus only on the shoe or dress; they blend well together and one. The purse also reflects the light pink in the shoes, but it doesn’t complete as it is a classic design.


Top: JCrew Factory | Bottoms: JCrew | Shoes: Sarah Flint | Bag: Plan de Ville | Pearls: Etsy

Three elements make the simple sweater and jeans combo more upscale: pearls, scarves, and a great pair of heels. I picked up the green in the foliage detail of my Marigay’s. This outfit is simple to put together for a meet up with friends for brunch as it is casual but with slight elegance that will guarantee you compliments.

Minimal Drama

Top: Mango | Bottoms: Anthropologie (Zinnia Flare Trousers) | Shoes: Sarah Flint

Let’s add some drama! It isn’t the play of color that we are drawing attention too, but the silhouette. The button-down shirt with overstated puff sleeves combined with the exaggerated flared trousers while styling a sleek low bun means business. Add a bold lip with shades, and heads will turn.

Clean Monochrome

Jumpsuit: Calvin Klein | Shoes: Sarah Flint | Necklace: Lulufrost | Bag: Chanel (Vintage) | Watch: MVMT

The simple monochrome. It is the blank canvas that showcases the work of art the Marigay’s are. I added a velvet, forest green belt as it is more pleasing to the eye than a stark black belt. My vintage tweed Chanel is the perfect pick as it doesn’t blend entirely with my jumpsuit but gives the impression that some of the hues from the shoes reflect.

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