3 Things to do for the Month of September

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Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of childhood, beginning of the new school year, and the excitement that came with it. September gives a sense of fresh beginnings. As we transition into a new season, here are 3 things to do in September and make your month more memorable.

1. Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market

I’m blessed to have a handful of farmer’s markets near me. Human nature enjoys community and it is an excellent opportunity to help local farmers and find unique products like hibiscus or rose sugar, maple syrup cream, or soap bars made of beeswax. Let’s not forget the beautiful flower arrangements. Having fresh bouquets on a weekly basis gives joy to the home.

Here are a few helpful tips when venturing into the market:

Bring your own reusable bags, a soft cooler, or a shopping trolley. The latter is an item I’ve seen used in Paris and Romania, and I loved the charm. IKEA has an affordable and chic “shopping bag on wheels” called RADARBULLE. Rolling a trolley is like having a personal shopping cart, giving more ease and a much more pleasant experience.

Save your egg cartons. Farmers will usually sell their eggs in bags, so you will be even more cautious about storing the eggs while you continue shopping. Placing the purchased eggs in the carton will secure your purchase.

Network. Although this isn’t a business event, build a database of the vendors you wish to support. I wouldn’t recommend waiting for “the next time” you visit the market, as there is no guarantee that the same vendors or farmers will be present. Some vendors rotate between local markets to expand their clientele. Or they are testing out the locations to see if it is profitable to pay the tax for that specific location. Ask for their information. Whether through a business card, a website, or social media, follow your vendors so that you can continue to support and purchase outside of the market.

2. Enjoy a Bonfire with Friends

I remember bonfires during my high school and college years. It is an understated time to bond with loved ones under the stars—a time where you are sharing stories, memories, and laughter – away from the screens.

Here are a few helpful tips in creating a memorable bonfire:

Roast a healthy snack. Although the kids love roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, try roasting corn on the cob on a grill over the fire pit. Wrap the corn with some butter in aluminum foil or place the cobs directly on the grill. The sweet buttered corn combined with the smokey flavor is a treat for all ages.

Wrap yourself in something cozy. Bonfires are best for cool autumn nights. But if you don’t wish to stay too close to the pit, having a wool throw or a lovely quilt to share with a loved one comes in handy. But remember that you will smell like smoke by the night’s end – make sure whatever you use can be easily cleaned.

3. Have a Cozy Picnic

September is the perfect month to enjoy a relaxing picnic. The heat of summer isn’t as intense, and the autumn rain hasn’t hit the earth. Whether a date with your loved one or a get-together with friends, the charm isn’t lost on anyone.


Here are a few helpful tips in prepping for a picnic:

You don’t have to stress about the prep. I remember having a spontaneous picnic with friends in Paris. We grabbed a baguette, sliced deli, cheese, and grapes. A memory that I will always keep. With Charcuteries being in vogue, take those elements to the outdoors.

A picnic doesn’t have to be a day event. While living in Romania, it was customary to go into the countryside or drive to the mountains and enjoy a grill (BBQ). But those would be a mini getaway. You can enjoy a lunch or dinner picnic at a nearby park.

Please keep it simple. We are intimidated by what we see on Instagram or Pinterest—thinking that if we don’t have as luxurious of a setup, we do not even bother. Don’t get stuck in your head. Have the essentials, a beautiful blanket, a basket to fit cutlery, food, and beverage. If you wish to add a mini picnic table or food cover, those are bonuses.

What memory do you wish to live out this month? Maybe in your area, there is a neat festival that is going on? Comment below and share; I would love to hear!

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