Transitioning Whites into Autumn

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The American saying, “You can’t wear whites after Labor Day.”

There are many speculations as to where that quote originated. But as designer Michael Kors stated, “Ignore the old rules. White after Labor Day is glamorous.” Indeed it is!

It is all about the texture and silhouette.

Texture and fiber content go hand in hand. Look for heavier textiles. As you can see with this dress, the fabric has weight to it, perfect for crisp autumnal days. A white knit sweater dress or a white wool blazer would look stunning in the colder seasons. Try to look for natural fibers as it will keep you warmer. 

The silhouette is simple; long sleeve, long skirt, long pants. Adding layers will also play with the shape of the outfit. Take your white summer dress and add a cardigan or blazer to make it cozier.

As the weather is still relatively warm, my Sarah Flint Natalie Flats are the perfect choice to keep the balance of comfort and poise. If you wish to own a pair of quality shoes, I recommend you try Sarah Flint. I have a discount code for your first pair, SARAHFLINT-ELIZABETHPE giving you $50 off.

How do you wear whites in the colder seasons?

Ignore the old rules. White after Labor Day is glamorous.

Michael Kors

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