Unlocking Radiance: Skincare Secrets from Makeup Artists to Brides

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If you have ever attended a wedding in Eastern Europe, you will find that it is expected that the guests attend as if they were to attend the Oscars. Nails are freshly manicured, dress in rented, hair is coiffed and of course, your makeup is so layered on that it could last you the entire weekend – if need be. It was during my time in Romania that I was taught how to care for my skin.

I began to build a friendship with my cosmetologist and different makeup artists and here are the tips that they shared to create a beautiful canvas. Follow these steps, no matter your status in life, you will receive raving compliments from any Makeup artist on how great your skin is.

Basic Skincare

Before you hand over that pretty cash to the esthetician, let’s go over the foundation – your skincare routine. It is good to figure out your skin type, sensitive, oily, dry, combination, etc. and find the corresponding products. Secondly, research the products before you purchase. Don’t run to your closest Sephora or Ulta thinking that you can trust the products made available to you. As picky as I am with having clean makeup, I am even more so with my skincare. Many skincare products can be full of chemicals and fragrances that enter directly into your bloodstream. Use apps such as HealthyLiving, Clearya, Think Dirty, and Yuka to see the toxicity of each product.

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The basics you would need are a cleanser, toner, serum, SPF, night cream, and eye cream. Always be gentle with your face when applying these products. And let’s not forget the importance of hydration! Make sure you drink enough water daily to have a healthy skin. If you wish to go next level, there are devices you can invest in which I will detail in a future post my favorites.

Regarding clean skincare products, the ones I currently love are Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser, Cocokind Vitamin C Glow Serum, Cocokind Resurfacing Sleep Mask, and 100% PURE Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

Professional Skincare: Going to the specialists

You have your basics down, now let’s bring it up a notch. Of course, each esthetician will have their routine and suggestions, that’s the beauty of building a relationship and consulting with your specialist on what is best for your skincare. I reached out to my cosmetologist back in Romania and asked her what she personally recommended. And it is as follows:

“Besides a classic facial treatment every month, two months before the wedding I would introduce two Vitamin C peels for a gentle exfoliation. In the last two weeks before the wedding, a regenerating treatment in the form of oxygen facial eliminates all dead skin cells. The day before the wedding, a gentle facial that consists of only a massage and an intense hydrating mask. Of course, during this time the bride’s skincare routine needs to be impeccable at home.”

Emilia Terme

A wedding shouldn’t be the only reason you care for your skin, it should become a lifestyle. Whether you have it in your budget to get yourself a monthly facial, or you are more resourceful and have a routine at home. Caring for your skin is a gentle way to give yourself confidence which will allow your inner beauty to sign rather than shy away.

What are your skincare tips and tricks? Leave a comment below and share!


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