Casual Attire for Labour Day Weekend

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I am usually the overdressed friend. Grocery shopping in heels? That’s me! My policy I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. Dressing more “casual” doesn’t mean I lose sight of every detail of the ensemble. There

Know the dress code

In this situation, I was visiting family. I wasn’t doing anything athletic or having a fine dining experience. It was a simple visit. Meaning, I had the option of being a happy medium: comfortable but stylish.

Find a Color Scheme

Having a capsule wardrobe in very helpful. By sticking to a few colors you know compliment you well, it will help in choosing items to mix and match.

If you want to play with pattern, keep the color scheme the same but change the scale. Keep in mind the kind of pattern as well, two geometric patterns may compete with one another, while a geometric (i.e. stripes, plaid, circles) and something more organic (i.e. curves, florals, paisley, something that has movement) may be more pleasing to the eye.

If that is too intimidating, the safest way to go about it is to pick up the colors from that garment and pair with neutrals.

Analyzing My Outfit

Since I was going to my sister’s, I chose trousers that are very comfortable and at the same time had interest. What caught my attention to these pants where the colors on the pinstripes. I saw the slate blue would compliment well the loafers. Coach does blue so well. When I found my Coach Dreamer Shoulder bag in the same blue, I melted. (So surprised that they don’t have them anymore, one of my favorite bags!)

Let’s connect the color dots.

The blue in the pants ties in with the blue in the shoes and bag. The black in the pants with the black in the bag. Simple right?

So what about the top? A simple white T-shirt could make or break an outfit. It is all about the cut. I repurposed my Fabletics Baby Tee from being athletic wear to daily wear. It is the perfect crop, since I wear only high waisted bottoms, the sleeve is the right length with a cuff detail.

I could have easily done a black, blue, or coral-pink shirt (not my tone) which picks up the shade in the pinstripe. The options are limitless, but right now we are concentrating on simple but stylish.


I could have gone more elaborate in the jewelry department, but decided on layering my gold necklaces. A scarf around the neck or head would have given this outfit even more interest. Something with organic print in a larger scale.

Furry Friends

Sometimes, your pet could be the topper to your outfit, or completely outshine you. But you forgive them as they can’t help their adorable factor.

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